CAPP 131 Basic MS Office
(MS Office)

Students must be able to demonstrate basic user computer skills to enroll in this course. Students with no computer skills should enroll in CP 095. For any student wishing to learn workplace competencies and basic skills through hands-on application of an integrated software suite, this course will be useful in their academic and professional lives. The suite includes word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation graphics. Students will create, edit, manipulate and format basic documents and learn desktop publishing methods in the word processing program. Students will also demonstrate proficiency in the use of computerized spreadsheets including function formulas, filtering, and data analysis, and making charts. In addition, database software will be used to create, store, retrieve, query, filter, and analyze data while the presentation application will allow the student to express ideas using text, graphics, sound and video clips and create slides, outlines, speaker’s notes, and audience handouts. Lesson projects, critical thinking activities, and realistic, comprehensive simulations are used to assess student learning.

Fall, Spring