NASX 280 Native American Indigenous Theories & Methods
(Native American Indigenous Theories & Methods)

Indigenous research is ceremony and is framed in Indigenous, Native American, and First Nations, method and theory. Indigenous method and theory is orientated to addressing issues that remain critical to Indigenous populations, healing, emancipation, self-determination and decolonization. Research framed in Indigenous method and theory is based on respect, relationality, and reciprocity, and works to create social change. Such social change addresses the past real world consequences of colonization in the present. Indigenous theory and methodology contribute to work which will serve Indigenous communities and to contribute to making the present and future a better place for all people. In this course students will study Indigenous method and theory through the literature Indigenous researchers and scholars from the USA, Canada, and New Zealand. This course brings Indigenous ways of being, doing, and knowing to the center of academic studies and research across diverse field of academia.